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Brand story

The founder loves  “ROBOT”  and has established  “RUIBO”  with the homonym.
The letter “R” and “B” is the brand LOGO.
The company concept is“ Reverse your imagination ‧ Build up your automation.”
Create a high value-added service and increase customer revenue.


Rui Bo Automation Co., Ltd, located in Taiwan, was established in 2014.Our main services provide the automatic total solution.

Professional software and hardware technology integration . Hardware includes: mechanical,pneumatic, electronic control loop design, manufacturing and other professional capabilities.

Service includes metal industry, mechanical packaging, injection industry, electronics industry, Vehicle parts and industrial processes.

Product advantages focus on robotics and machine vision.Replace complicated motion and inspection. Using IIOT, big data and Flexible Manufacturing technologies. The company’s production process can be rationalized and benefited to integrated with the user information.

Provide enterprise automation solutions.

Brand Concept

Sevice Philosophy AIR +  『Attentive, Innovation, Responsibility』

The founder is the post-80s generation. Create a platform that is passionate about automation. Adhering to the concept of honesty and stability, we provide customers with good products and services.

We believe that “people-oriented” works through a team of colleagues. Every employee can develop their potential in an excellent environment and develop innovative, high-quality, high-efficiency automation machines.We also welcome talents who want to prove themselves and create value to join Ruibo. Ruibo will continue to work hard, innovate and pursue excellence. Let more users trust us and create smart manufacturing with us in the future.


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