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Our Services

Project Design

• Understand Customer Needs:

1) Product quality, production efficiency, equipment environment
2) Discuss the production process, all aspects of dimensional requirements and incoming materials, etc.

• Draw Out A Plan:

Provide total solutions after analyzing the product. Includes equipment schematic (including technical parameters), various parts of the organization, operation description, feasibility, efficiency and cost assessment, etc.

System Development

After the evaluation of rationalization and efficiency, the engineering department will design the machine and component assembly drawings to select the execution components and electronic control accessories.

Assembly Manufacturing

The installation must be assembled in accordance with the assembly drawing, machined parts and standard parts list. Teach the operator to operate the demonstration and precautions.

After Sales Service

Ruibo Automation emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our professional team provides after-sales Service, operation problem consultation, regular maintenance, on-site assistance troubleshooting.

Ensure quality and solve problems quickly. Establish a superior quality image.

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